Johnna Mink
has been recognized as a
Difference Maker by The Colbert Report.
America salutes you, Johnna Mink!
Johnna Mink
is a "Certified Chick!"
You Go Girl!

Ms. Mink

Johnna Mink is a woman (or "she-person," as she likes to be known), and is also the owner of Exotic Dance Workshops.

Johnna claims to be a feminist and empower women, which is generally dangerous, but she pushes a much sexier version of feminism. She is the Susan B. Anthony of pole dancing, especially in New Jersey.

She was honored as one of Stephen Colbert's Difference Makers on July 16, 2007.

Helped Define FeminismEdit

Pole dancing is akin to:

  • Getting the right to vote
  • Demanding equal pay for women in traditionally male dominated work environments

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