John Rizzo
Is a former CIA Employee of the Month!
Keep up the good work!

John Rizzo is a lawyer licensed to practice law in D.C., and (as of this posting, Friday, July 28, 2017[1]) is acting counsel for the Office of General Counsel and Senior Deputy General Counsel for the CIA.

He is best known as Jay Bybee's email pal due to his work at the CIA, but his connection to massive bailouts just prior to the ascension of Barack Hussein Obama to The Greatest President Ever's office have yet to be acknowledged as he used to be their lawyer too.

One day, the name "John Rizzo" will be revered with as much passion as Ronald Reagan, until that day Americans can show their gratitude by allowing Rizzo to keep his job with the federal government, maintain his security clearances and pay his health insurance to insure he live a long and worry-free life.

It's what Dick Cheney would do if he were still in government.

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