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John Lewis
is a United States Representative
for the "Fightin' 5th" district of the state of Georgia


Ving Rhaymes as Congressman Lewis

John Lewis is a representative from Georgia's 5th congressional district.

A veteran Civil Rights leader, John Lewis has served the Fifth District of Georgia for many years.

Currently the Congressman is in discussions with Biopic(R), a Hollywood (Florida) movie production company, on a proposed 2009 major motion picture based on his life.

The film would begin in modern day Washington, DC. Lewis' life of Civil Rights work would be reviewed in flashbacks. The following highlights are being considered:

  1. Lewis tossing Alababma Governor George Wallace out the window of the Alabama Governor's Mansion. This was before Wallace was in a wheelchair and before the wheels had been taken off the Governor's mansion.
  2. Lewis leading victorious American Troops out of Vietnam in 1973.
  3. Lewis capturing Osama bin Laden at a convenience store in east Atlanta.

While details are sketchy at this point, Ving Rhaymes (Pulp Fiction) has signed on to portray Lewis.

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