John Kasich
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process
Osama bin Lisa
Mahmoud Ahmedi-John Kasich-nejad is a terrorist.

John Kasich filthy Democrat

John Kasich is a direct threat to truth, justice, and the Colberican way. This traitor had the temerity to come into "The Eagle's Nest" and claim to be a bigger patriot than Stephen.

He failed, and America was happy to watch it. After leaving the Eagle's Nest, he never appeared on the show again; presumably, he was surrounded by an angry mob and either carried off to Gitmo or torn limb from limb. The people love Stephen that much.


John Kasich is a filthy treacherous double agent democrat and let us never talk about this ever again...

Kasich TodayEdit

He is now fighting socialists and communists that have infiltrated our police departments

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