John Helgerson
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America

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John Helgerson is the Inspector General for the CIA under George Tenet and Michael Hayden.

As Inspector General, Mr. Helgerson's job was to lead his troops into inspections.

America-haters claim under Helgerson's watch, the CIA gave free flights to terrorists.

Hey, Pelosi, can't you reign in your minions for once?


Inspector General Background

Congress created the job of inspector general as a watchdog for federal agencies in 1978

IG of major agencies are appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate. Only the president can remove the IGs he appoints.

IGs of smaller agencies are appointed by the department director. Some advocates have proposed fixed seven-year terms.

Virtually every federal agency has an inspector general

By law, IGs are independent, but report to the director of the agency for which they inspect

Agency directors are not allowed to

  • dictate the IGs work
  • or prohibit any IG investigation.

The CIA director, however, may restrict some IG activities out of national security concerns

There now are 64 inspectors general who have

  • dedicated staffs
  • budgets

their jobs consist of:

  • conduct audits,
  • inspections
  • investigations
  • review agency procedures
  • report their findings to Congress and to the agency heads for action

IGs also must report

  • any official who unreasonably refuses their requests for records and documents
  • and are required to notify the Justice Department if they uncover criminal violations.

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