John Hagee
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America
John Hagee
is an American Man of God!!!
John Hagee agrees with Rush,
Michael J. Fox is faking!

Burn in Hell All of you Godless Sodomites, That is All Amen

John "Jesus". Hagee (born July 4, 1776) is the left hand man to Jesus and the founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, a non-denominational evangelical church with more than 18,000 active members who hate gays, muslims, ACLU, and democrats. He wants everyone to be a conservative waiting on Jesus to come back for us. If we don't read the bible we all are godless sodomites. Ask Barry Manilow.

Religious LeadershipEdit

Hagee is the President of God Hate The Constitution Foundation, he also telecasts his national radio and television ministry carried in America on 160 T.V. stations, 50 radio stations, eight networks and can be seen weekly in 99 million homes. John Hagee Ministries is in Canada on the Miracle Channel and CTS, and can be seen in Africa, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and is in most Third World nations that have televisions. He is also in competition with Pat Robertson to win an Emmy for Most God Like. Ronald Reagan's Ghost talks to him as well.

Religious Corporate LeadershipEdit

He is also the president and CEO of Global Evangelism Television, which telecasts his radio and television ministry. Hagee can be seen giving America some moral fiber on Sundays. Hagee has received numerous honors and accolades from national Jewish organizations for his unwavering support of Israel. He Loves America and our President. He hates frosted flakes and sinners. He thinks with his gut as well and condemn us all to Hell. Amen!

Religious Corporate Writer LeadershipEdit

He also wrote the book called Jerusalem Countdown in which he outlines World War 3.What countries it will be fought with, Israel, America, England and a whole bunch of tiny countries on the good side and Russia , China, and of course Iran and North Korea on the bad guy's side. Then he talks on how we must just kill the terrorist because they don't care if they live or die they just want to hurt the infidels(us).

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