John Gray
is too Canadian, speak American, eh.
John Gray
dialed up "The Colbert Report " as an On The Phone guest
and got nailed in the process.


Da Mayor, sporting da bling.

John Gray is the Mayor of Oshawa, Ontario.

His birthday is March 20th, which is commonly known as Stephen Colbert Day, although he is not yet old enough to know not to go against Our Glorious Stephen!

Also known as "Oshawa bin Laden," Gray foolishly issued an Ontario Junior Hockey League challenge to Stephen Colbert during a guest appearance on KX96 - New Country FM's Ellis & Archer In The Morning show.

The ChallengeEdit

The challenge, now known as "The Wager Heard 'Round The Great Lakes," stated that if the Oshawa Generals defeated the Saginaw Spirit in their game on January 26, 2007, Stephen Colbert would have had to wear an Oshawa Generals jersey for an entire show. Of course, the Spirit were triumphant, so Gray will now be forced to declare March 20th "Stephen Colbert Day" in Oshawa, and also to include a pancake breakfast, a parade and some form of a nice steak dinner in honor of the great Colbert. (Fire up the grill, canucks.)

The ComeuppanceEdit


Mayor Gray was visibly shaken after being kicked so hard in the haunches.

On the January 29, 2007 broadcast of The Report Stephen was joined live in the studio via telephone by Gray. Gray stated he is prepared to honor not only his challenge, but Stephen's terms.

To show what a good sportsman he is, Stephen graciously wore an Oshawa Generals jersey. On his ass.

Other Oshawa Government ScandalsEdit

One of three newly-elected Oshawa school board members was forced to resign due to provincial rules stating that a working teacher may not also serve as a board member. Burn!

See AlsoEdit

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