John Gibson agrees with Rush,
Halfrican-Americans must declare their Whiteness!
John Gibson
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America

He's not looking this nerdy on purpose

John Gibson was once allowed to have his own show. He wrote The War on Christmas to make his father Papa Bear proud. Gibson hopes to impress his idol Stephen Colbert and maybe one day get his autograph.



Mel Gibwho?

*The role of "John Gibson" on Fox News is played by Hollywood actor Ed Begley Jr. bio
  • In the Spring of 2006, Gibson offered to help white American women have more babies to prevent minorities from becoming the majority.
  • Gibson's admiration for Stephen Colbert caused him to add a part to his own show called My Word.
  • Like all real Americans, Gibson lives by his gut and his balls. He is not afraid to stand up to anyone, be they terrorists, liberals, or a recently deceased actor's grieving family.
  • In his bedroom, Gibson has a replica of Stephen's bookshelf and has bedsheets with pictures of Colbert all over it.

Truthy quotesEdit

  • "The wagers of this war on Christmas are a cabal of secularists, so-called humanists, trial lawyers, cultural relativists, and liberal, guilt-wracked Christians — not just Jewish people." [1]
  • "(Bin Laden) is talking to America's far left and saying, 'You know what. We're on the same side. So why don't you work on that hardhead George W. Bush? Bin Laden told us Thursday that our far left has been working for him. It's their poll results he quotes.'" [2]
  • Referring to the Third World - "That latter group includes a huge number of so-called nations, little more than spots on the map that would get invaded, taken over, subsumed, eliminated, except no-one wants to get stuck with their problems of poverty, disease and corruption."[3]
  • "Half of the kids in this country under five years old are minorities. By far the greatest number are Hispanic. Know what that means? Twenty-five years and the majority poulation is Hispanic. Put it bluntly: We need more [white] babies." FOXNews' The Big Story, May 11, 2006
  • Fired by FOX News in March 2008 for being farther to the right than Michael Savage

Gibson QuotesEdit

  • I laugh whenever one of the Jews behind 9/11 cry while talking about 9/11, it's so hypocritical.
  • Young actors who play gays are gay fags so when they die, it's just one less gay.

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John Gibson
is a proud employee
of the Greatest Corporation of All--FOX!!!

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