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I am John David R. Atchison and my lawyer swears I'm not a

He's been gentle and loving plenty times before so he's good at it

John David "JD" Roy Atchison is a gentle and loving man who worked as an assistant U.S. attorney from the northern district of Florida.[1]

Unlike Larry Craig, Mr. Atchison uses airports for transportion.

JD And The InternetsEdit

JD loves the internets so much he has a The MySpace page, an internets tube (, and loves to chat using his internets name, "fldaddy04"!

His profile describes him as:

"Experienced, understanding Daddy"

“Handsome, educated, professional, experienced Daddy. I love younger girls. Like everything about you think, talk, act. I'm very understanding and supportive..,never ever judgmental.[2]


JD likes:

  • surfing
  • diving
  • boating
  • ...everything to do with the water...
  • music
  • and cute girls

JD's DemiseEdit

For some unknown reason, Atchison was found dead in his cell. Some people say he committed suicide, but why would a man who has so much going for him do that?

External tubeageEdit

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