John Conyers
is a United States Representative
for the "Fightin' Michiganth" district of the state of 14

John Conyers

This man is (probably) not William Jefferson.

John Conyers began his 21st term as the Democrat Representative from Michigan's 14th District with the start of the 110th Congress. Conyers's longevity has earned him the coveted role of Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, where he has shown a keen capacity for not supporting Our President.

Legislative AgendaEdit

As one of Nancy Pelosi's top henchmen, Conyers seems to feel that it is incumbent upon him to "get to the bottom of things". So far, the only "things" he seems to have gotten to the bottom of are America's patience, with his insistence on "asking questions" of members of the Greatest Justice Department Ever and the Greatest Administration Ever. Way to go there, John.

On the other hand, Conyers does not seem overly anxious to enact the Democrat's much touted (pre-election) "ethics reform practice," opting instead to support the Shut Up-Feingold alternative proposal. Obviously, despite his partisan political games and all-around dirty dealings, Conyers knows that Congress cannot possibly babysit every single politician on the hill to make sure they're not abusing their positions of power.


Despite any implications unintentionally made by Fox News, John Conyers and William J. Jefferson are NOT the same person. That was an oopsie. Fox sincerely apologizes. And it was totally not because they're both ... you know ... senior democratic representatives. It could have been anyone.

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