Joe Miller is a reknowned Tea Bagger
and won't stop tea bagging
until all Americans are Tea Bagging together!

Joe The Miller is a Tea Bagging Hero and future Senator of Alaska! is an un-american traitor, he is dead to Sarah Palin


The Libural MediaEdit

Joe Miller promises he will outlaw the libural media and make "Freedom of The Press" illegal since it is unconstitutional. He has already unlawfully imprisoned arrested one gotcha journalist for interviewing while being libural.

Update: Damn the libural media, when will they ever learn, do we have to arrest you too?

National Security:Edit

He has his own private army!

And he controls the US Army!

Social SecurityEdit

Time for old people to pull their own bootstraps, specially Old Welfare Queens

Libural Entitlement Programs Edit

Joe Miller promises to outlaw Welfare Programs that promotes laziness and bad habits like never learning how to pull your bootstraps. This is not the year to hurt America's economy and her children, we should help our fellow citizens to get back on their feet with some help


Joe Miller will buy all of our debt and then send it to the sun, that way we will eliminate our debt forever!


Joe Miller will bring Communist East Germans to help us on the war against the Mexicans.

Update: There is a libural propaganda out there that claims that Joe Miller is receiving unemployment checks, that's a lie. It is his wife who is receiving Welfare support, and she is a well known lesbian and a libural.

Work Experience:Edit

Lots but please do not contact his old boss.

Joe Miller: Is He Spiderman?Edit

Spider-man dance

He dances like spiderman.

Joe Miller, Joe Miller,
Wants to be your senator.
Grows a beard,
shoots a gun,
Arrests the press just for fun.
Look out!
He'll cut your Medicare.

Campaign Update:Edit

Joe miller measuring drapes tweets2

This tweet confirms that Joe Miller won the election.
You can trust Joe, he is a good man

Lisa Murahmaburkajihadski is trying to steal Joe Miller's election! We cannot allow that, support the Miller campaign by giving him bags of money so he can buy back the election from her!

Good News, everyone! We have found evidence that the election was rigged! Congratulations "Senator" Joe Miller.

Activist Judge Steals ElectionEdit

  • This is an emergency! An Activist Judge has just handed the election to Lisa Moonlightsky!!
  • This is a great scandal, that is legislating behind the bench and unconstitutional!
  • Joe Miller demands Lisa Mamaoski to stop cheating! Joe Miller demands the usage of International Spelling Bee's Rules[1]

Joe Miller Declares Victory (again)Edit

Congratulation on your victory again, Mr. Senator.

Misspelling ChargesEdit

New evidence suggests that many of Lisa Marmadcowski's write-in votes are invalid, nowhere does it say in the Constitution that cursive is the official handwriting style of our Nation! Cursive is for hippies and commies! This is America, we use Block Letters!

New Signs of Progress!Edit

The Joe Miller Campaign has declared victory, technically the ballot counting is still continuing but who are we kidding, right? Congratulations Mr. Senator, for a job well done! I was worried for a moment there that you may lose the election, but you prove us wrong!

There are signs that the Lisa Mamamadcowmoomoosky's camp is already surrendering to our demands. Joe Miller has done an awesome job on winning this election that he is sending his lawyers back home so he wont have to pay for their overtime.

Joe Miller Redeclares Victory (again)Edit

Norm Coleman Advice to Joe Miller01:40

Norm Coleman Advice to Joe Miller

Dont give up Joe!
What does this loser knows anyway?

yay... you won... you da man...[2]

Lisa Mancowloopski Cheats Again!!!Edit

Lisa Whatshername is pulling a fast one by counting fake fureign ballots, clearly this crazy lady wont stop until she steals the election!

Will Joe Miller Re-Declare Re-victory?Edit

Only time will tell...[3]

Election ScandalEdit

Lisa Moolaski is trying to undermine America's Democracy by declaring herself the winner! You cant do that, we still have a few imaginary votes left from Imaginationland that is unaccounted for!!

Dont worry Joe, the GOP will spend any cost to make sure Lisa Mooomooomudsky loses.

~~"Dont give up, Joe! Reload!"[4]

Joe Miller Fights Back!Edit

It is not over! You can do it, Joe!!!

Joe Miller Wins Election Again!Edit

According with Tea Bagging Law by winning the election countless of times by the transitive power of Tea Bagging Joe Miller is now Senator Elect for life. That's right, he doesnt need to run anymore elections in the future because he has already wont them all!

Another reason that Lisa Moolaski must quit is that if Joe Miller isnt certified soon as a Senator, Alaska could lose their seat on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee or any subcommittee on the Appropriations Committee! Stop being so selfish, Lisa!

America, Joe Miller require more donations so he can pay Joe Miller to hire legal experts to stop the election fraud, and those lawyers are not cheap, specially that dude Joe Miller, his services are expensive!

Activist Judge Awards Election to Lisa Murcheatingelectionstealerski[5]Edit

"Mr. Miller, this campaign is over. It is dead. The dead horse is pulverized. It has passed on! This campaign is no more! It has ceased to be! It's expired and gone to meet its maker! It's a stiff! Bereft of life, it rests in peace! If you hadn't taken it all the way to the Alaska Supreme Court, it would be pushing up the daisies! Its processes are now history! It's off the twig! It's kicked the bucket; it's shuffled off its electoral coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisible!! THIS IS AN EX-CAMPAIGN!!"

--Matt Hammer

Joe Miller to Spend More Time with FamilyEdit

While Joe Miller waits for news of his Senatorial victory, again, he is going to spend more time suing his family to make sure that they are properly spelling their Christmas and New Year cards.

Joe Miller has decided that he does not want to be Senator from Alaska, instead he is going to pursue other interests.

Life After the ElectionEdit

After the election was stolen from Joe The Miller, he decided new laws needed to be put in place to stop future frauds from stealing his re-election dreams. You can do it, Joe!

External TubesEdit

Joe Miller won't say if Medicare and Social Security are constitutional03:59

Joe Miller won't say if Medicare and Social Security are constitutional

Joe Miller to eliminate entitlement programs like Medicare and Social Security
Get your hands off my medicare and Social Security, Government![6]

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