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Jocelyn Testes-Harder
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Jocelyn Testes-Harder
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You Go Girl!

Jocelyn walking around Richmond graciously blessing others with her presence.

Jocelyn Testes-Harder (a.k.a. Jocelyn Plums, a.k.a. J-Plummy, a.k.a. JP 3000) is the toast of Richmond, Virginia!

A recently married hotness of a woman, Jocelyn blogs about her day to day life in Richmond Virginia. Her blog started by responding to her worthless ex-husband's abandonment of her and her children with aplomb.

She is one classy broad! But she needs her nut sack removed.

Jocelyn blogs about everything in her head and all the exciting things that happen during her outings in and around her home town. Most people who meet her are oblivious to her celebrity status in the tubes and treat her like a nobody. Then Jocelyn talks about how superior she is to these worthless assholes in great detail and to the adoration of her ever-increasing fanbase. She is a misanthrope and brags about other's criminally uncouth behavior on her blog.

Subjects Jocelyn Has Blogged AboutEdit

Getting With JocelynEdit

In 2009 Jocelyn married Phil "Mushy" Pfister. They have an open marraige, she sleeps with who she wants and keeps Phil on lockdown to protect what's hers. Jocelyn has had to hire someone to field all the requests for her time. To ease the clogging of her internets tube, she posted a list of what she looks for in a suitable mate.

The list cannot be posted here, however, as any unauthorized reproduction of Ms. Testes-Harder's "List of Needs and Wants From A Potential Mate™" without the expressed written consent of Ms. Testes-Harder is prohibited.

So, if any available, hot, filthy rich male living in the South, or willing to move can contact Jocelyn by posting nude photos of yourself at her blog, on her MySpace page or running up to her on the street in Richmond--if you get so lucky to actually meet her in person unencumbered by her entourage and security detail--and grabbing her ass in as gentlemanly manner as possible.

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