Job Killing is a favorite past time for liberals and commies. They just dont want to work and create wealth.

Job Killers could be any progressive liberal program or occupation that doesnt produce anything for the free market.

List of Jub KillersEdit

  • EPA: The EPA puts a heavy burden on job creators like factories, oil companies, and the asbestos industry. How is America ever going to recover if we are not allowed to pollute our waters and our airs with the sweet sweet smell and toxic taste of money? Not to mention the stimulus this will create in the healthcare sector and big pharma. Imagine, new 300,000 sick patients customers each years! That would bring new jubs!
  • Social Workers: Overlypaid nannies. If you ask me if you dont produce anything, you are a waste of tax payers money.
  • Regulations: Job Killers. We will never get anything done unless we are allowed to steal legally produce jobs for the free market.
  • Medicare: Socialized Medicine for Seniors.
  • Teachers: Glorified baby sitters.
  • Minimum Wage: Everyone knows that young and poor people will waste their money on drugs and hookers, so why pay them anything at all?
  • Tax Increases: The greatest evil and biggest job killer ever since Obama became President.
  • Child Labor Laws: Not only a terrible job killer, it takes away the opportunity for our children to earn their own bootstraps and parents to take their hard earned wages to invest for the future.

List of Jub CreatorsEdit

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