Baby Jesus
Job Creationist
Makes The Baby Jesus™ Happy
And that Makes Stephen happy, too!
Job Creationist
brings Wealth and Prosperity to Americans and
The Free Market
America thanks you, Job Creationist

God will magically create new jubs.
Is true, it's in the Bible!

Job Creationist is a doctrine that indicates that the free market can solve everything. Its doctrine is very simple: No new taxes; tax cuts creates wealth; and Ronald Reagan is our Prophet, peace be upon his name. Follow these rules and your life will be filled with riches beyond imagination [1]

  1. Unless you are black, poor, and the wrong religion and do not have a $1 million dollar annual salary. Sorry, those are God's conditions.

You want a jub? You have to give "some" to the Big Guy.

See AlsoEdit

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is Most Beloved by God over all His creations
Now and Forever, Amen.
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