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America thanks you, Job
If you work hard, you'll get ahead as a

A job is something people have when their parents didn't love them enough to leave them money when they died like most Tea Party folks. Only the Private Sector can create jobs; the government can only create work[1].

Work: an Entitlement ProgramEdit

"Work" is an insidious libural policy and entitlement program that gives tax breaks to Welfare Queens; it encourages communists and anti-free market haters to hire US citizens instead of creating new jobs for America by outsourcing those jobs to a communist country were the commies can learn the wonders of Capitalism and bootstraps. Once the Chinese are brainwashed with the glowing light of Capitalism they will give us back our dollars in the form of a loan, thus encouraging Real Americans to use that money to hire more Chinese workers.

Real Tea Party advocates understand that unless Real Americans can learn the lessons of a hardship economy, without relying on Big Government, Real Americans will never develop a patriotic drive for self-sufficiency and buy new bootstraps to contribute to the economy. The alternative is to become a nation of lazy commies, do you want to become a lazy commie, comrade? So say yes to outsourcing, and no to government work programs.

Some jobs "works" are for lazy people. Most Americans love freedom and work hard (at their private sector jobs). Paying taxes is a way to tell people that no matter how hard they work at their job, there will be people who want welfare.

Famous People with Useful Jobs Edit

What a cheap ass president

the fate of America at the hands of a cheap ass President.

The following is a compiled list of famous people with useful jobs.

  1. Stephen Colbert- Information Distributor
  2. George W. Bush- Leader of the Free World
  3. Heather Locklear- police woman
  4. Ron Silver- gadfly
  5. Kelsey Grammer- Psychiatrist
  6. Fred Thompson- Judge
  7. Tom Selleck - Detective
  8. Arnold Schwarzenegger- professional politician
  9. George Costanza- Architect
  10. David Horowitz- Professor
  11. Fred Grandy- Gopher
  12. Phyllis Schlafly- Homemaker
  13. Lynn Swann- token
  14. Ricky Schroeder- Rancher
  15. Bo Derek- model
  16. Dennis Miller- comedian

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