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Jimmy Wales, aka "Comrade" Wales, is the decider in chief of Wikipedia, when he's not borrowing from the foundation's donations to chop up trees with George W. Bush or hunt Dick Cheney. He prefers that Fox News report and you decide what goes into the encyclopedia. According to his Wikip*dia page, he can also bench-press 500 lbs.

Some confuse Wales with a liberal or a part of the nerd patrol. What they don't realize is that Jimmy is a covert communist comrade of Hugo Chavez using Karl Rove's cutting edge information management theory.

Because of his covert operative status (which you should not mention to Robert Novak or Scooter Libby), he has not appeared on The Colbert Report. This is all about to change with the upcoming wikipocalypse, as Jimmy has finally decided to prove that he's no coward by showing up for his nailing on May 24, 2007.

The Life and Times of Jimbo Edit

Captain Jimbo on the SS Glamour Photography

Jimbo displaying his values with 2 Hollywood sodomites.

"Jimbo", as he's known affectionately among Wikip*dia staff and aficionados, has developed something of a following amongst certain members of the liberal media. Please don't let their hate affect your views.

Jimmy Wales, Wikip*dia Mascots, Affairs Edit

Jimbo and Wikipe-tan

Jimmy Wales is both a Wikipedophile and a pedophile.

A very little-known but important piece of information deals with the selection of mascots for Wikip*dia. One mascot in particular, a ten-year-old girl, was never part of the mascot elections but became one of Wikip*dia's unofficial mascots anyway.

In an unrecorded discussion, Wales said that "I sorta did something with her, and the agreement was that she would become a Wikip*dia Mascot." He later admitted it was only to pacify her to keep the public knowledge of the affair to a minimum.

The full details of this sexual venture on Wales's part can be read in full at his own Wiki-based site, right here.

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