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Jimmy 'God of the Guitar' Page

Jimmy Page is the founder, creator and guitarist from Led Zeppelin. He owned a mansion which used to belong to Aleister Crowley, a fellow magician and if you were real smart you would read up on it and not believe a word this psycho chrisitans say since most of what they do (christmas and easter are just two) were taken from the pagan traditions, and wears pants with really cool symbols (like astrology and such) while playing on stage. But he also wore really cool plaid pants and only he can rock a sweater vest.
Plaid pants 2

Guitarist ProfileEdit

Page was a very in demand session player and did a lot of really cool stuff before joining, finally, the Yardbirds. Later he went on to form Led Zeppelin, and along with other members of the band, wrote really great music as well as taking some great blues, tweaking them and making those blues sound heavy and AWESOME, and reintroduced them back to the americans. "Stairway to Heaven" is one of their most popular songs, it is also one of the most over played and over analysed songs that christian people love to talk about and make you think that Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin are evil.

However, Zeppelin never released this as a single (of the very few singles they did release, this was a 'B' side).

Personal LifeEdit

With kids

Jimmy with his children.

Jimmy Page is a normal human being like you and me and all those ignorant christians that think their religion is the right one, the only one, and everyone else is wrong but never bothered to actually read up on any other belief, because if they did, they would see all the similarities. It’s awesome. Just like your name is different than my name and different from your neighbour, and just like how my version of why the sky is blue will be different than your version. It’s called free will. And it allows us to believe in whatever we want. He has a family, a great career, lots of friends, and whoever wrote this the first time, well, you are just jealous.

Its ignorant people who write dumbass comments that make the world a meaner, nastier place to live because they won't let others live how they want.

Ever notice it's only christian groups that come knocking on your door to tell you their way is the best and only way to get to heaven???? but, does heaven really exist? there is no proof. and don't forget about the 'books and authors' that were omitted from the christian bible. and remember, the christian bible was translated to english with the help of a very gay king!!


P.S. only idiots comment on stairway to heaven, and only idiots like to play records backwards trying to make up words that don't exist. 

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