"Jimi Hendrix"
is hippie-related, and not groovy to The Baby Jesus.

Jimi Hendrix under the influence

Born James Marshall Hendrix,or as we know him "James Smoked the Bong Pipe Too Many Times Hendrix" Jimi Hendrix was a hippie some have claimed he was a stormtrooper but this can't be since black people can't jump.

He used marijuana frequently and was once considered a great guitarist before Bear Hunter Ted Nugent arrived on the scene. He was born British, but he does do a mean rendition of The Star Spangled Banner.

It is widely rumored among homesexuals that Hendrix was a homosexual, due to a song he wrote called "Purple Haze", that contains the lyrics:

(Yeah the quote is actually Excuse me while I kiss the sky.)

"Excuse me while I kiss this guy"
~ Jimi Hendrix

This has not been proven, however.

Nor, has it been disproved.

He was a leading researcher in the use of crack for musical purposes.

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