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This pussy hunts with a single-shot bolt-action rifle. Wimp.

Jim Zumbo is a hunter who used to write for Outdoor Life until he violated The Second Amendment by using The First Amendment.

Criticism Of Assault RiflesEdit

Quote open clear3 Excuse me, maybe I'm a traditionalist, but I see no place for these weapons among our hunting fraternity...As hunters, we don't need to be lumped into the group of people who terrorize the world with them. . . . I'll go so far as to call them 'terrorist' rifles. Quote close clear2
~Jim Zumbo

Sorry sir, but rifles aren't terrorists, terrorists are terrorists.

Zumbo makes assumptions based on a gun's appearance. And do you know what that's called? Discrimination. Profiling. Zumbo wants to take away our guns' rights, not our gun rights. And that's just wrong.


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