Jim Lovell
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process

Commander lovell

October 3, 2007



the steely eyed missile man star of the movie "In The Shadow Of the Moon"

the title of Commander has a commanding qauality

his childhood is better than his kids childhoods; Dr. Colbert has astronauts like Mr. Lovell, his kids have "The Rock"

astronaut movie made more money than a wrestler movie, nixo-facto the market has spoken, the moon landing happened!?

Stephen wont go into space because it's a humbling experience

international face-rubbing-in

NASA is looking for more astronauts

What is the right stuff???

  • love to explore
  • live on the edge
  • see new things
  • work by objectives, not 9-5
  • enjoy what you're doing

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