Despite what you may have heard
Jim Jacobson
Is totally not gay!

"Jimmy has accepted my spirit."
~ Ronald Reagan's Ghost

James (Jim) Jacobson is president and founder of Christian Freedom International. He has a Jimbo Wales thing going on. He (and his photographer) has personally braved dangerous countries like Burma to deliver Bibles to Bibleless Christians.

Service to Great PresidentsEdit


Jimmy Jacobson accepting the calling of Ronald Reagan.

In his younger days fresh out of bible college, Jimmy worked as a policy analyst for Ronny Reagan, verifying the liberal democrats had enough Jesus in each bill they sent for President Reagan's signature. Covert communist operations to violate the bonding of church and state with atheist manifestos were a constant threat. Jim stood tall against these national security threats for God and Country.

Touching the ChildrenEdit

For Jim, it's important that Jesus personally touches persecuted children. While he prefers the Burmese, he has also touched children in Pakistan and Sudan.

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