NMA 2010.0601:04

NMA 2010.06.30 動新聞 神學士恐怖「猴」子 受訓狙殺美軍

Jihadist Monkey

Jihad Monkeys are mooslim monkeys trained to kill American soldiers. But dont worry Blackwater is training our own baboons to hunt down these Jihadists (after we gave them tons of money to train these patriotic baboons). Tax Payers wont have to worry regarding the cost of war anymore, I heard Blackwater pays their baboons one banana a day, which is cheap!

Banana AkbarEdit

External TubesEdit

Evil dolphin
Stephen hates utah
Jihad Monkeys is in Wikiality's Animal Perdition

This horrid beast will spend eternity wandering the vitriolous wastelands of Utah.

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