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People Who Are in Cults

A Jewslim is a Secret Muslim who eats his annual Passover seder dinner while facing towards Mecca.

A Jewslim is a Muslim who celebrates all the Jewish holidays, well aware that he will never be one of the chosen people. 

Origin Of JewslimismEdit

The Qu'ran clearly states that the Jewish people are the orignal. But it was a closed club, members only. Now everyone can join the party of Allah! Maybe muslims are just wannabes, but Judaism is just way more fun. More jokes, more music, more wine....I may be a muslim, but Sukkot is way cooler than anything Eid related. And it's 100% God approved!

What Jewslims BelieveEdit


Flood MythEdit



Eating PorkEdit

Sects Within JewslimismEdit

Secret JewslimismEdit

Orthodox JewslimismEdit

Cafeteria JewslimismEdit

Jewslamic RitualsEdit

Jewslim Holy DaysEdit

Modern JewslimismEdit

Fun Facts About JewslimismEdit

Famous JewslimsEdit

Barry Mannilow

What Christians Think About JewslimsEdit

Their Place In HellEdit

Oh No!
needs help fast!
Quick! Someone call the cavalry!

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