Jesus Camp is another example of what Fred Phelps calls "Satanic Spirit of Mockery" to describe the mocking and scoffing of liberals toward the Holiest of Holy Men in Service to Our Lord and Savior.

What kind of musical could engender such hatred?Edit

Jesus Camp! Of course!

Jesus Camp is the longest-running Broadway musical and it's on a nation-wide tour!

Jesus Camp is the story of The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgance who must put on a show to save their Nunnery.

They decide to stage "Jesus Christ, Superstar" set to a techno beat.


Reviews for Jesus CampEdit

Fred Phelps calls Jesus Camp:

"an abomination against thesbians everywhere! I've watched it once a week since it opened, just to be sure."

Ann Coulter says of the Jesus Camp players:

"Anyone can see they're men for fuck's sake! Look at those Adam's Apples."

Condoleeza Rice says, of Jesus Camp:

"Honey please. Everyone knows if you want to divert attention from your closeted homosexuality, all you have to do is join $cientology or tell the media you're dating a Canadian. This Homo-conversion shit doesn't work, trust, at least that's what I've heard...or, that I've read a memo citing stats about the, um...excuse me, my cellphone is vibrating...oh look! It's Paul Martin, oh well, gotta go, bye."

Internets SourcesEdit

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