Quick Facts: -Resides in Old New York

-Once fought a Grizzly Bear with a syringe of Botox.

-Has personally driven a NASCAR winning car; although, it was after he purchased it at auction.

-His self-titled television show has added on a "Court Week" Special, where contestants are judged and sentenced by Jerry himself, then transferred to the Maxine Country Maximum Security Prison. Since the program has begun, 23 people are in cells awaiting trials, 3 sentenced to death.

Early Years Edit

Jerald Keebs Springstein (commonly Jerry Springer) was born in 1948 along with his two brothers of the same name. Born to Tyrone Adkison and Carol "Sherbert" Winslow, life was never easy for the Florida family.

Shortly after the Immigrant Shortage of '59, the Springsteins lost young Jerry and young Jerry to starvation; however, Jerry was able to outlive his brothers by sheer will.

In the next three years, the 27-year-old Springstein set off for fame and fortune. His first stop was Biloxi, Mississippi, where he joined a kettle jug group for three years before moving on.

The roads then took him to Texas. It was there, after a disturbing canoe trip, that Jerald Springstein made a life-changing decison, to have a circumcision...and change his name. He left Texas as all those who leave Texas do, as a true, God-Fearing MAN.

Jerry TubesEdit

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