"Jerry Garcia"
is hippie-related, and not groovy to The Baby Jesus.
Jerry g.

Jerry Garcia

Jerry Garcia Edit

Jerry Garcia was the bearded frontman of the rock band Grateful Dead. Jerry Garcia followed the dirty Hippie lifestyle, which is NOT GROOVY to the baby Jesus, but is very groovy to all the filthy hippies.

[Jerry Garcia, acomplished guitarist and artist. I just thought I would put that statment out there in response to what I saw on this web site. I wished to clairify Jerry Garcia's roll. Dirty Hippies, hmmm. Well thats a whole differnt issue. I know those types, their the ones with MD's and PHD's right down to the one's that build houses, work in law enforcment and protect our intrests over seas.. Well now that we've cleared up the confusion about Jerry Garcia's role and the role of dirty hippies lets move on to the baby Jesus. The baby Jesus was not a PHD nor a MD or an accomplished musician, however, Jesus is a figure in a poorly book. The aformentioned book and charecters in it are forever in question when it comes to being taken seriously as real contributers to somthing benificial to the world as a result of their fictional nature. The PHD's,MD's, construction workers, acomplished artists and teachers of our time however, are not in question, they really did exsist, and they really did somthing to make our lives brighter and happier, much the same as Jerry did.]-Weed has made me impotent.....

Bands Edit

Jerry Garcia was in a number of Tree Hugging bands (see Tree Hugger). Including Grateful Dead, Old And In The Way, New Riders Of The Purple Sage, and The Jerry Garcia Band. Though recently he has been resurrected to form the band The Grateful Undead. Was a kickass musician.

Instruments Edit

Jerry Garcia could play Guitar, Banjo, and Steel Guitar. On one of his custom guitars, he has a picture of skeleton with long hair, this was a self portrait of what a person looks like after excessive marijuana smoking.
Jerry garcia

Four fingered Jerry

In Search Of The Missing Finger Edit

When Jerry Garcia was a young boy his hand slipped into a wood cutter and cut of his middle finger, which made him to be unable to flick people off, causing him to be a nice dirty hippie. Recently it has been discovered that the Pillsbury Dough Boy stole it and put it on his hand, so he could flick people off when they poked his belly.

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