Jerry Doyle
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America
"If I were still President, Jerry would be in charge of our nation's security and our Star Wars program."
~ Ronald Reagan's Ghost

Jerry Doyle

Jerry Doyle is a hero. He's worked hard to get to where he is. After a career on Wall Street, Jerry enlisted in the military where he became Chief of Security on Babylon 5. While there, Jerry made a name for himself beating up low life thugs and pissing off ambassadors.

War HeroEdit

While serving as Security Chief, Jerry became a war hero during the Shadow War. Jerry himself discovered that telepaths were the Shadows' kryptonite. If not for him, the galaxy would have been wiped out by these ancient marauders.

Once the Shadow War was over, Jerry did the right thing and resigned his commission after realising his commanding officer, John Sheridan had become a maniac with a messiah complex. Jerry did what all smart men do, went to work for the private sector, specifically the pharmaceutical companies owned by CEO, William Edgars.

Unfortunately, Jerry lost his job when his boss was murdered by terrorists who wanted to undermine the government and our proud corporations. Of course, those terrorists like to claim it was the work of a government agency called the Psi Corps, but you'd have to be On Notice to believe that.

Talk RadioEdit

Today, Jerry is an Independent Conservative championing conservative causes on his radio show. His support of our president, George W. Bush should be an example to all.


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