Jerome Corsi
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America
Despite what you may have heard
Jerome Corsi
Is totally not gay!

Jerome Corsi is one of the few non-Saudi, non-lobbyist, non-oil industry-related supporters of John McCain.

Corsi is known for his ground-breaking investigative books on liberal liers, John Kerry and Barack Hussein Obama.

Not much is known about Corsi beyond what he writes about himself. provides this special internets tube for any information regarding Corsi's past, present, future and/or sex life.


Sooo ugly


Corsi grew up in the Midwest and had a great affection for farm animals, especially pigs, goats and fowl. He was a frequent 4-H competitor and won many blue ribbons for his prize pigs, Freeper and Dittohead. Rumors of beastiality were reportedly rampant during his late teens, but they were dismissed by family members as being started by jealous 4-H-ers. [1]

Family LifeEdit

He loves his wife and his kids. His attacking the Pope as a "senile old fool", meanwhile, was just a joke and in no way connected to deep seated daddy issues.


He has a PHD from BJU, not from some liberal East Coast elitist University as MSNBC likes to report.

Swift BoatingEdit

Corsi helped write the Swiftboat Veterans Against Phoniness' book on John Kerry's so-called military service in Vietnam that contained nothing but the remembered 30 years after the fact by someone who wasn't there but overheard talk in the ship's locker room. Some liberals called the book a "smear job", which only goes to show how evil liberals are; what's lower than questioning a (Republican) Vietnam vet's honesty?

Sex LifeEdit

He loves to attack others. That counts, right?

Book WritingEdit

This is just a sampling of Corsi's books:

  • History I Discovered Wedged In My Ass, Volume 1
  • How Fake Can It Be If I Saw It In My Own Dreams?
Jerome Corsi
will one day be a fine addition
to the Greatest Corporation of All--FOX!!!


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