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The most interesting (stoned) character in Cameron Crowe's 80's mega-hit, ensemble comedic movie tale of teenage angst in SoCal.

Played by Liberal actor Sean Penn, Spicoli is the coolest dude on earth. He smokes weed, wears Vans, surfs, and scores babes, all while evading U.S. History teacher, Mr. Hand, who wants to destroy Spicoli's un-Americansoul.

Penn has chosen other Liberal roles in his movie career, such as "Dead Man Walking," an anti-death penalty rag, which panders more than Snoop Dogg at a Pimp convention. Penn is an outspoken critic of President Bush and loves commies. Penn lives in SoCal, although recent entertainment gossip indicates he may square off with Stephen Colbert, live on The Colbert Report.

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