Jean Chrétien
is too Canadian, speak American, eh.
Al Franken
Jean Chrétien has earned

Jean Poutine Chrétien is a former Prime Minister of Canada who told America to F-Off when they asked Canada to join the War in Iraq. He can only speak from the left side of his mouth, and therefore does not see the full glory of the right!

Jean's Notable ActsEdit

Angelina jolie 032
Don't be too mean,
Jean Chrétien
is a registered Pussy.

Chretien's most notable act was being the target of assassination via pastry. Chretien did receive the full blast of the pie, but using the will of communism, managed to overcome the cream. Chretien's speech impediment happened by a stroke. The stroke was incurred by the knowledge that Chretien was far too ugly as it was.

Jean's Sens de l'HumourEdit


Rick asking Jean, 'Pepper spray?'

He is known for being very humourous.

Example: Rick Mercer asked if he'd like pepper spray on his hamburger. He declined with a smile (If you can call that a smile). this was brought up, of course, because of the police using excessive pepper spray.

He tried his best to piss off as many people as he could before stepped down as a Prime Minister. He did a good job by pissing off many Americans.When asked why about why he did, Chretien responded by saying " ze bathroom ... she was too far.. i need to make the pee really bad!"


Too bad Chretian didn't show these kinda balls when fighting TERROR!

Jean notably strangled protester Bill Clennett on February 15, 1996, with a chokehold affectionately entitled "The Shawinigan Handshake". When questioned about the move, Chretien claimed he mistook Clennett for John Nunziata, whom Chrétien had expelled from the caucus for voting against the 1996 budget.


Chrétien spotted by Dalton Camp as the driver of a getaway car in 1977, his crew had managed to steal enough money to buy beavertails for a year and was too fast to be caught by the Royal Mounted Police of Canada.


Oddly enough, Chretien was given the title Miss Universe 2000. He thanked all the little people who's backs he had to stab to get this award

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