Hello, Kitty
Hello, Japanese
Asian and very good at math.

Typical Japanese people… they make our hippie bear-loving liberals look normal

The Japanese are people from the mystical island country of Japan. They enjoy squinting, tourism, sushi, and getting their asses kicked during World War II. Right now the Japanese are allied with the United States of America to avoid getting nuked again.

Robots are built in Japan, which is also the ancestral homeland of Godzilla. Godzilla and the robots do not get along very well, but Godzilla is always triumphant. South Korea's Mechagodzilla, champion of robots, may be the only machine capable of challenging the Japanese Godzilla.

Japanese people speak a language known as "Hello Kitty." How this cute language somehow spawned a culture of ninjas and samurai is anyone's guess.

Hello kitty house

The Japanese people live in state housings like this one…

there is no God…

Cultural Differences Between Americans & JapeneseEdit


This is the Japanese version of the Freddy Krueger.
He kills his victims with politeness.

  1. The Japanese are a humble people who will apologize for the slightest perceived insult.
    1. Americans would properly perceive them as having no balls.

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