Janet Napolitano is the head of the TSA, a giant organization full of people who can't get a job in normal society. In fact, many in the TSA are nerds, dorks, idiots, assholes, have personality disorders, are secret perverts, cereal killers and whatnot. One needs serious balls to be a man in her shoes. And, boy, does she fit the bill. According to de-classified documents, aside from having 50% body fat and being acrotchity old behatch, janet kicks all our assaes

Unlike the dignified Condoleezza Rice and Karen Hughes, Napolitano is not married to Jesus and Jesus does not love her along with Satan, Hitler and Jeffrey Dahmer.

Some people believe she is just Janet Reno in disguise.

Napolitano was selected by Barack Hussein Obama to be director of Homeland Security because she has the balls for it.

Her job description is as follows:

Must look mean... check

If a man must look manly... if woman must look manly... check

Must go out and appear on news outlets for sound blurbs for the purpose of being a thorn in the side of the public and piss off everyone and alarm everyone and make the gullible and clueless scared to go outside.

Must not weigh the cost vs the matter how annoying, time consuming or havoc wreaking...any new security measure is good and nothing can ever be rescinded, pulled back or withdrawn.....check

Must eat napolitan ice cream while viewing naked body scan images and laughing creepily... check

She is obviously doing a terrific job and thats why Obama hasn't fired her. The TSA is wonderful and the 30 plus billion going into homeland security is totally great. Its not like that money is being funnelled somewhere else.

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