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Jane Eyre
started out as a good idea
but has descended into a HORRIBLE, SHAMEFUL MESS
It desperately needs someone who understands truthiness to edit it.
Al Franken
Jane Eyre has earned

Jane Eyre is an British novel about bears and their conquest to take over 19th century Britain. The protagonist of the novel, one Jane Eyre, is an enemy of the bears and British High Society. Jane Eyre is scheduled to be produced as a motion picture with the Wayans Brothers rumored to have the lead roles of Jane Eyre and her trusty companion, Fido.

Plot Summary Edit

Jane is an orphan living with her aunt and her cousins at the beginning of the novel. Then, she is whisked away to a school that trains Americans to fight the bear menace. At school Jane finds her best friend dead from being forced to watch Al Gore's global warming propaganda movie. She then works to kill the bears and undermines British high society by drinking coffee at tea time and having good teeth. Eventually, she dies.

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