Jane Austin
has bad teeth and a funny accent because she is British.

A rare, previously undiscovered photo of Jane pining away for some man not interested in her or her cleavage

Jane Austin noted British author and time traveler who wrote about baseball 40 years before the first inning was ever played in America.

Austin's wildly successful novel, "Northanger Abbey" was the precursor to other prescient novels listed below.

Early Life & ChildhoodEdit

All Her Damn SistersEdit

Jane came from a very large family of countless sisters, who were also authors.

They are, in no particular order:

  • Cassandra
  • Piper
  • Bristol
  • Rumor
  • Scout

All The Men Who Ignored HerEdit

Northanger Abbey & Other Prescient Novels & The Historic Events They PredictedEdit

"Jane Austin"
is one of's game-like activities
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Dr. Colbert described "Northanger Abbey" in extensive detail during the November 13, 2008Episode #479 edition of his award-winning news program "The Colbert Report".

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