James T. Harris
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America

James havin' a conversation in front of people!

James T. Harris is a radio talk show host and town hall question-asker for hire!

James' Qualifications!Edit

  • James knows the pulse of real Americans!
  • James has a radio show!
  • James looks good on camera!

James' Skills!Edit

  • James can make himself appear to be a normal everyday Joe Sixpack
  • James can mimic any emotion needed for any situation
    • anger
    • confusion
    • passive-aggressiveness

How James Can Help YOUR Town Hall Meeting!Edit


James workin' the crowd!

  • James can channel his instant rage to promote your agenda!
  • James is willing to be the only black person at your rally!
    • James can also travel to your event with at least a 3-day notice
  • James can Shuck and Jive at the drop of hat!
  • James can do impersonations, his most famous one is impersonating a house negro
  • James is an uncle Tom
  • James loves his mas-sah employer, and for an additional $5.00 he will let you pet his head at the end of his show!

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