Haters gonna Hate

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Mr. O'Keefe in one of those exclusives White Clubs

James O'Keefe is a Real American Hero who helped in the destruction of ACORN. Recently Mr. O'Keefe will be taking a sabbatical so he can help us to stop Obama's Socialism.

O'Keefe is already a celebrity and a force to be reckon with, the libural media is terrified of him! He is also a well renown Ladies Man

Operation "Lets Punk Sen. Mary Landrieu Operation "Lets Infiltrate The Mooslim Prison"Edit

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The Heroes

Brave Hero and Real Patriot O'Keefe was successfully able to infiltrate the offices of Senator Mary Landrieu and intercept her communist communication successfully able to infiltrate the Communist Prison of the Communist Government to spy the mooslims that they are housing.

Mr. O'Keefe's undercover work demands that he must pretend to be a hardcore criminal, which means that he will have to become a prison biatch, perform a gay marriage wedding with his prison cellmate, and then convert to Islam. Once he learns their mooslim plans he will escape from prison just like from that tv show.

Awesome Punking of CNN: How O'Keefe Took Down CNN CANCELED!Edit

Due to legal concerns Project "Lets Punk CNN" has been canceled by unforeseeable forces. Instead, O'Keefe has decided to focus on his new project "Lets Sue CNN for Slander".


I cant believe Abbie Boudreau turned him down!
She must be a lesbo

Operation Destroy Teh Liburals:Edit

James O'Keefe is back and this time he wont let the liburals destroy our way of life. Thanks to O'Keefe's awesome journalism we have evidence that some communist teacher is planning to destroy our educational system.


Save O'Keefe!Edit

Fighting libural threats is not easy or cheap, and James O'Keefe needs you help! Sell all of your worldly possessions and send all proceeds to Jame O'Keefe's bank account.

Externalt TubesEdit

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