Jackie Chan
is a CELEBRITY! Oh. My. God.
Hello, Kitty
Hello, Jackie Chan
Asian and very good at math.

Jackie Chan
is Very Manly™.

Jackie Chan is a Chinese actor, director and martial arts expert. Despite his name he's actually a dude. In Chinese Jackie means "super funny cool lucky guy with big nose".

Training and Stunts Edit

Jackie chen

Jackie Chan hates grafitti!

Chan was Bruce Lee's protégé (or in American "Student" since Protégé is a dirty French word). He does his own crazy stunts, unlike most Hollywood pussies. According to legend, Chan belongs to the group of people able to kick Chuck Norris' ass.

He has broken every bone in his body throughout his career, but never once injured his balls.

Movieography Edit

He's appeared in three Rush Hour movies, in which he fought bravely for America (eat that Chuck Norris!). He supposedly help tamed the wild west in Shanghai Noon, and then went to Britain to save their asses from some terrorists. You're welcome again Brits!

Rumors persist that Chan will be teaming up with Stephen Colbert in an upcoming film, codenamed The Best Damn Action Movie EVER!

Fractoids Edit

  • Jackie Chan is a terrible driver, as is evident by the fact that no insurance company will cover him.
  • Before each fight scene Chan likes to warm up on french men with swords
  • In his spare time, Jackie enjoys ripping dirty liberals heads off
Jackie Chan!

You've got dog balls!

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