Jack Layton
is too Canadian, speak American, eh.
Al Franken
Jack Layton has earned
Jack Layton

Jack Layton's moustache is the source of his power.

Jack Layton is still the leader of Canada's Communist Librful Party even though he died in 2011. This just shows how his party, the New Democratic Party (tNDP) (which turned 45 in 2005 making it less new than it is bad) actually is. The NDP supports caring principles such as universal health care and international diplomacy, and Layton has called for a national strategy against homelessness as well as a Zombie Bill of Rights.

Improbable as it sounds, George W. Bush is not only aware of Layton's existence but has spoken to him in person (conferring upon him the nickname "lefty"). Some suspect that Bush was given his father's Halcyon medication before the introductions, and believed he was speaking to the Video Professor. (You know ... the guy who says "Try my product" on the TV ads.)

Because he is so aware of what is best for the world, Layton is very popular in Canada, not least in Toronto. He is publicly hailed in the streets nationwide before their national holidays. Layton then uses this power to promote changes for the public good.


Jackie attempting to convince the world that he is not gay while trying to sell a bike and his body all at the same time.

Factoids Edit

  • Simply by shaking his upper lip, Layton can summon bears to do his will
  • Dr. Colbert does not want to acknowledge the presence of Layton in the world.
  • He allows bears to suckle from his third nipple
  • being Canadian he was born without a sense of imperialism and supports international cooperation and peace between peoples
  • He was living in subsidized house when he earned over $100k [1]

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