Jabari Asim
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process


A B person.

Jabari Asim is a Washington Post columnist and author on politics, popular culture and social issues.

He was Stephen's guest on the March 28, 2007 edition of The Colbert Report.


March 28, 2007 NailingEdit

  • prefers to be called "mister" not "doctor"
  • saying The N Word has become akin to saying the n word
    • cannot be banned
  • The Pilgrims started it in 1619. Those bastards with the buckles.
    • 20 Africans arrived in the Jamestown Colony in 1619.
    • 1755 damn British redcoats were using the word as invective against African American soldiers in the Continental Army.
  • African-American perjorative
    • not welcome in polite society
    • everyone else can say it, but not during tea parties, purity balls, etc
  • Michael Richards theater of cruelty?
  • will always be with us as long as there is racism, Stephen doesn't hear racism, and is not familiar with the word

January 20, 2009 NailingEdit


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