Josh purse medium
drives on the wrong side of the road, and carries a man purse.
Must be European.
Italy map

Is'a Italian'a, and'a it'a can'a bake'a you'a into'a pizza pie'a! So'a try'a to'a find'a more'a American'a stuff'a.

is a friend of the Asian Economy that brings Wealth and Prosperity to Capitalist Nations
The Free Market
American Investors thanks you, Italy

Italy, as seen from space.


The Italian Embassy!

A nation which won the 2006 World Cup beating out France. Italy scored a GOAAAAALLLL for the United States in one game by accident.

This country is a member of the European Union


Bicycling is a popular pasttime for young Italians

Factoids about Italy Edit

Italy is a nation that shares a number of similarities with Florida. If Florida is America's penis, Italy is Europe's foot. Also not unlike Florida, Italy has an annoying number of immigrants trying to get into the country via raft accross the Mediteranean Sea. These immigrants come from Africa, which may or may not exist; so most people don't actually worry about these immigrants because they don't care. Italy has some nice people who would take pitty on poor Americans if there were any. [1]

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