Isn't that cute, but it's...


The page you are looking for is not here.

There are many reasons for it not to be here:

  1. it is spelled correctly
  2. it is written in crystal clear American
  3. you are too drunk/high to know what you're doing

You have now pissed off Stephen. Onnotice

Please remove your asshat Asshat and try again.

You've not capitalized or put a comma after the word "French." While most rational i.e., non-liberals would agree that the proper spelling "French" is not deserving of capitilization, if you want the section for "It's French, bitch," you should really capitalize that "f." Also, punctuation is over-rated and mainly only enforced by "wordinistas," but keep in mind that "It's French, bitch" is the way Dr. Colbert spells and punctuates the phrase. You don't hate Stephen, do you? I didn't think so.

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