Hammer and sickle
"It's A Wonderful Life"
is a movie that is Destroying America.

Overview Edit

Another movie that is destroying America, It's A Wonderful Life underminds the very roots of democracy by being anticapitalist. This film was directed by Frank Capra, who is not an American which makes him an infidel and therefor any enemy combatant subject to the brute, righteous and just fury of Americas armed forces. Which have the blessing of our holy and fearless leader George W. Bush (God save the King). We cannot allow ourselves to become tainted by this Italian, fascist propaganda.

It's A Wonderful Life also features actor James Stewart who starred in the movie A Tale of Africa; which is funny because Africa doesn't exist! America, stop allowing yourself to be lied to by the commy-tainted brotherhood of Hollywood Bolsheviks. The great American hero Senator Joseph McCarthy already proved that Hollywood is just a brothel of freedom-hating, bear-loving, liberal, socialist traitors.

Genre Edit

Drama / Family / Fantasy / Romance / Communist Propaganda

Cast Edit

James Stewart- George Bailey... aka Stalin

Donna Reed- Mary Hatch Bailey... Reed? Not "read" because communist hate books

Lionel Barrymore- Mr. Potter... The hero

Thomas Mitchell- Uncle Billy...actually a bear

Henry Travers-Clarence... Clarence what? Afraid to tell us your full name,spy?

Beulah Bondi-bMa Bailey...The woman responsible for raising George Baily. Need I say more?

Synopsis Edit

Its A Wonderful Life represents the epitomy of "Carpacorn", the capitalist-hating plot formula coined by Frank Capra. Simply put, this film features a washed-out idealist, George Bailey, who decides to take on the evils of society. Big suprise, the villian is a big, bad businessman, Mr. Potter! Mr. Potter has this role bestowed on him because, oh no, he collects what he's owed! Not only does the community rally behind this plot to overthrow capitalism/democracy/America, but these poor townspeople all pool there money in an attempt to support Bailey in his fiscal disfunctionality. Pooling money; where have we seen this before.....hmmm..oh yeah, THE SOVIET UNON! If this movie wasn't in black and white, it would be all red.

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