Isolated Incident (noun)

  1. the fact that people who say a so-called trend is occuring are ignoring because they want to make a sweeping over-generalization about another group of people just because something happened that seems so much like the other times that something similar happened, but none of the times these things happened are related because they are so very, very different, so there is no trend making the person who said it look like the alarmist that they are, we're all free to do as we please and this is a free country (&etc.)
  2. when something happens on a different hour (or day or news cycle) in a different city (or state or country) than something else which seems similar

Syn: Individual Case (note: "Isolated Incident" is more commonly used to describe events pertaining to Law Enforcement; "Individual Case" is more common in contexts relating to Legal and/or Bureaucratic Proceedings)


  • when an African-American male is pulled over because he matches the description of a suspect the police are looking for
  • when an African-American suspect is arrested because when he was pulled over for matching the description of a fugitive the police were looking for he "acted up"
  • when an African-American convict receives the maximum allowable sentence because he has a very long record
  • when an African-American ex-felon is pulled over because he matches the description of a suspect the police are looking for
  • when another mentally ill person does not get the healthcare he would in any other major industrialized nation

"Isolated Incident"
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