Islamocommunofascist Terrorists are the scum of the earth. They are walking contradictions, because they are muslim communist fascist terrorists. How can one person be all of these horrible things at once? They are people, and hopefully you don't know any, otherwise you should turn them in, that laugh at the site of Americans suffering and dying. They enjoy voting for Barack Obama, listening to NPR, and flying planes into important buildings.

Am I an Islamocommunofascist Terrorist?Edit

You may be. Islamocommunofascist Terrorists are multiplying like rabbits, as they view sex as a tool to increase their influence in the world. Do not fear, because even though there is not yet a cure for such a horrid disease, doctors in many states (not California) are currently working on one. Perhaps, in around five years, you may return to a normal life here in America. Until then, lock yourself in the basement, to prevent your islamocommunofascism from spreading any further. Godspeed.

How to recognize an Islamocommunofascist TerroristEdit

What do Islamocommunofascists look like? Some look very different from each other, and are hard to spot. Others are easier to spot though. For instance, Barack Hussein Obama is an Islamocommunofascist terrorist. His large ears, Muslim background, and hatred for the white man surely demonstrate this. His middle name is a dead giveaway as well. If you see the name "Hussein", run. He's a terrorist.

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