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Americans are becoming experts on Islamic culture against our will! First we had to learn that they even exist, then we had to learn some of their words (like Abu Ghraib, which means "club or resort").

Now, their latest "jihad" against American culture is children's programming!

Al Jazeera (Arabic for fox) has started a campaign to bring the madrassa to television, starting with Mecca, the mouse (or some shit like that).

Please review this list of their programs.

Islamic Children ShowsEdit

  • Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden?
  • Dora The Chador-Wearing Baby Machine
  • Mr. Mahmoud's Neighborhood
  • Bob the (Suicide) Bomber
  • Saved by the Bomb
  • Fatwas of Life
  • Allah in the Family
  • The Three Hummus-keteers

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