Isaiah Mustafa is an American Legend™
Not quite as legendary as Stephen, but we can't all be King of Balls™

Isaiah Mustafa
is Very Manly™.


Old Spice The Man Your Man Could Smell Like00:33

Old Spice The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

...and so a legend was born...

Isaiah Mustafa (aka Old Spice Man aka The Man Your Man Could Smell Like) is a cool cat, handsome as "old school handsome", and a manly man among men (not as manly as Stephen Colbert but he still takes second place), even his fureign name sounds cool and manly.

Theorists are divided as to if he can be considered to be the Black version of Chuck Norris, while an opposite faction believes he is the Black version of Stephen Colbert. Which is wrong, Mustafa can kick your ass like Chuck Norris yet he is gentle and manly like Stephen Colbert... which makes him a natural abomination a Divine Creation that fuses these two American Heroes, which makes him greater equal semi equal/greater to these two manly men in American history.

According with the Webster Dictionary, Mustafa has redefined the meaning of "Sexy Badassery": "A legendary creature whose swan dive is majestic and his mating call is a snap of his fingers, attracting worthy females from across the lands."

Old Spice CommercialsEdit

Facts Regarding Old SpiceEdit

Re @wspencer Old Spice00:29

Re @wspencer Old Spice

Use of Old Spice can cause the following side effect.
  • Can give you super powers
  • You will smell like a real man, but wont make you look like a real man
  • Women will chase you if they smell you, I hope you have good cardio
  • Old Spice was originally for the ladies but it only lasted for a year. Ladies using Old Spice became too manly so the company switched its marketing target to men.

The LadiesEdit

King of EllenopiaEdit

Mustafa is so cool that the people of Eastern Latvia has crowned him king, he now carries the Royal Title of King Isaiah Mustafa Badass Sexyman Old Spice I and he has chosen Ellen DeGeneres as his Grand Princess Queen (even the lesbians cant resist him! That's how manly he is!)


"If you were alone in the woods, and no one were around to smell you, would you smell as manly and awesome?"

  • Answer: Yes, even Mother Nature would smell him and would want to make out with him.


Re Haley Old Spice00:38

Re Haley Old Spice

...Isaiah Mustafa (Old Spice Man)
Isaiah Mustafa (non-famous loser actor)
You just blew my mind!
  • He can speak with robots
  • He once jumped a pool full of diamond-sharks
  • He tore the wings off Pegasus and ate them buffalo style to achieve The Manliness
  • He used a time machine to meet Genghis Khan, then arm wrestle him while signing opera.
  • Real Men dont use the naughty-man-dirty-bad-news-potty-talk.
  • Mustafa's home address is 528 Bottom of the Ocean next to the Giant Rock 1B Mount Olympus, Earth 93981.
  • When he visited the country of Uzbekistan his manliness short circuited their entire power grid network, the blackout lasted for weeks.
  • His left bicep almost destroy the Planet of Neptune in the Spring of 2007.
  • His stern look can bring down trees.

Stephen Colbert + Isaiah Mustafa Theory of ManlinessEdit

It is believed that if Stephen Colbert's manliness were to clash with Isaiah Mustafa's manliness it could create The Big Bang of Manliness causing the ladies all over the universe to reach Universal Orgasm which could literally shatter our reality forever... which is why these two must never meet... ever!

Shirtlessness, Matthew McConaughey and The Manliness FactorEdit

It has come to the attention of the men who run Wikiality that the Old Spice Man does not wear a shirt. This phenomenon is similar to that of the object of Stephen Colbert's man-crush Matthew McConaughey.

It is obvious that the Old Spice Man has modeled himself after Our Glorious Stephen, but little is known about the influence (if any exists) of McConaughey's influence on man-scented body wash.

More research will have to take place. And by girls because none of the men who run Wikiality are able to perform these duties. All interested girl parties log into the tubes and start researching.

Do it for Stephen.

Old Spice Man's Children:Edit

Sesame Street Grover Stars in "Smell Like A Monster00:49

Sesame Street Grover Stars in "Smell Like A Monster."

Grover: Isaiah Mustafa's sekret love child?

External TubesEdit

MSH What The--?! The Hero Your Hero Could Smell Like01:00

MSH What The--?! The Hero Your Hero Could Smell Like

I knew it, it does give you superpowers!

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