Is Rush Limbaugh A Junkie Pedophile? (Answer: yes) is the latest film from Michael Moore. It reports to investigate persistent internets rumors about Mr. Liimbaugh's alleged drug use and child-diddling.

Mr. Moore has given a general release date of "Fall, 2008", but provides no other information to the general public, except to say that Mr. Limbaugh did not directly participate in the making of the film, but his presence was felt throughout by the use of news reports, file photos, anonymous interviews with underage Dominican boys and medical reports. Nor, as Moore points out, has Limbaugh denied any of the charges.

Mr. Limbaugh has released no official statement as of July, 2008 as to whether the charges that he is a junkie pedophile are true or false.


Type of film Documentary

Length 89 minutes

Distribution Fat Boy Films

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