When you edit, allow your gut to guide you.

Despite its amazing popularity expressed in Scotland, it is well unknown anywhere else.

Irn-Bru is a soft fizzy drink that originates from the small yet dangerous country of Scotland, UK.

But this being unlike Scotland, it is not an alcoholic or poison-based drink whatsoever. Infact, it is far more thirst quenching than the tempting God of Happy-Hour. Surprisingly.

Irn-Bru, created over 100 years ago, consists of simple-to-make carbonated water, mixed withthe usual ingredients you get such as carbohydrates(sugar) and also caffeine and quinine, which despite how dangerously hyper it may seem to make you, does buggar all to your brain and reflexes, but seems to have an expendable amount of energy in one particular can, which would be 182kJ of energy per 100ml. Obviously you would know that a can has 330ml.

But don't be worried about becoming unhealthy or overweight with this incredible substance, because it conatains less than 150 calories, making up only 7% of the bloody can volume.

Which makes his Irn-Bru, a totally awesomely ownage drink.

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