Osama bin Lisa
Mahmoud Ahmedi-Iraq Benchmarks-nejad is a terrorist.

The liberals have insisted that General David Petraeus meet thousands of benchmarks for his work in Iraq. Their Iraq Benchmarks are so outrageous that no one can meet them to satisfy the America Haters, who now demand that we leave before democracy blossoms in Iraq.

We at have compiled this list of those outrageous benchmarks for everyone to mock and scorn.

2007 Iraq BenchmarksEdit

  1. Everyone in Iraq must gay marry
  2. Socialized medicine available for every member of Al Qaeda
  3. France must adopt the Burqa as its official national uniform for all school-aged children.
  4. Salawah must be said to the Democrats five times daily. Such prayers are be said in a position of supplication, facing in the direction of Nancy Pelosi.
  5. More Cowbell
  6. America must die!!!
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