Great war, or the greatest war?


Now enjoying unprecedented freedom and security


In March of 2003, the United States and Britian, and 87% of the nations of the world, invaded the nation of Iraq because there were WMDs, and most notably nuculer weapons. George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States of America, found this to be true because of highly reliable information gathered by the CIA and other efficient intelligence gathering agencies, such as Wikipedia.


Because of the presence of the WMDs, President Bush, in clear accordance and support from the International Community as well as the UN, had no choice but to single-handedly invade Iraq preemptivly to prevent Iraq from firing nuculer missiles at America. The choice for war, according to his Feb 22 2003 speech, was clearly "the choice of Saddam Hussein. Only he can decide if there will be peace or war."

America went into the war with the strategy of lacking a plan. This is so the plan wouldn't fall into the wrong hands and cause America to not be able to carry out the plan.

After 9/11, the invasion of Iraq confronted the root cause of terrorism worldwide. By implementing the Bush Administration's strategy of confronting the root cause of the problem in the Middle East and the War on Terrorism, great advances have been made and won in this action. For example, no more textbooks in Iraq make hostile reference to the state of Israel, which in turn has created a region of stability and a great advancement on the war on terror.

Currently, more people are killed in Iraq yearly and monthly than they were under Saddam Hussein's regime; however, the Iraqi people now have the political ability to vote on leaders who will bring more stability to the region than Saddam Hussein, which we are now witnessing.

By directly removing Saddam Hussein from power, the region, and indeed, the world, have been made more stable and the world is clearly safer now than before 2003.

World War?Edit

The Iraq War is considered by most respected historians as WWII.LXXV, or 2.75. It was a precursor to the much larger, devestating, and catastrophic World War III - the Israel-Lebanon Conflict.

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